Amarra Symphony

May 7th, 2013 0 Comments


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Our Price: $420.75
Retail Price: $495.00

Unlock additional performance enhancing additions with Amarra Symphony.

• Sample rate support up to 384 kHz, 24-bit
• Automatic sample rate switching
• Plays mp3, mp4, alac, aac, wav, aiff
• FLAC to AIFF conversion
• FLAC file playback
• Cache play
• Amarra playlist creation
• Can work independently from iTunes
• Sonic Mastering dither algorithms
• Independent Amarra EQ Window
• Includes Sonic Studio Processor application

All the great sound of the Amarra features above plus:

4-band Amarra EQ with presents and user memories
• 14 advanced filter types
• Powerful Notch filters for improved room correction

Precision Sonic Meters
• Display Peak and RMS
• Install on two computers concurrently


*Requires Mac OS X


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