Amarra Vinyl

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The Complete Toolset for Vinyl Recording, Restoration, and Delivery



Our Price: $245.65 
Retail Price: $289.00

If you’re considering the move to a digital home server, but unsure about how to convert your collection of vinyl music without losing the soul of the music to digital oblivion, Amarra Vinyl is the perfect solution.

Amarra Vinyl lets you record your albums directly into your Mac with no loss of quality. Then with a simple and intuitive interface, you can remove any clicks, crackles, or pops with Sonic Studio’s legendary restoration technology.


Save your music in full resolution and with a touch of the mouse. Insert your tracks into iTunes for easy access and ongoing enjoyment.

Amarra Vinyl saves your albums and quickly enables you to access your music more easily than ever.

Sonic Studio restoration tools are the industry standard in the professional mastering industry. Digital engineers have relied on Sonic Studio since 1992 when the first Sonic systems enables major record companies to begin releasing their back vinyl catalogs on CD. Now you can do the same thing with Amarra Vinyl.


Digitize your albums or tapes using Sonic Studio Engine
Record Mono/Stereo Recording to AIFF or WAV (with metadata)
Supports all sample rates up to 192 kHz
Double Precision RIAA curve
Precise Scalable Metering
Drag and Drop previously=recorded files from Finder or iTunes



Powerful Audio Editing
Precision Waveforms for accurate display
Unlmited adjustable Fade curves (Cosine/Linear/Exponential)


Built-In DeClick and DeCrackle NoNOISE II

Remove ticks, clicks, pops, scratches
Two Types of Manual DeClick II repair tools
Restores the entire file or repairs a small selection with surgical accuracy
Double precision 4 Band minimal phase EQ with 13 Filter Topologies



Export as AIFF or WAV (with metadata)
Export single track or full album in one step
Export pristine tracks for Amarra and other music players


*Requires Mac OS X


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