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Our Price: $42.49
Retail Price: $49.99

The perfect upgrade to iTunes, Amarra Hifi will breathe life into all your music whether it’s MP3s or high resolution tracks at 192kHz. With Amarra Hifi, you’ll have many “OH WOW” moments hearing new depth and clarity, even in music you’ve listened to for years. Amarra Hifi has simple iTunes integration yet a powerful upgrade in sound.


Our Price: $160.65
Retail Price: $189.00

Deep, analog, natural, and musical: these are words we hear customers use when describing their Amarra listening experience. That’s because Amarra enables your music to sound the way it was intended to be heard – beautifully. If you’re looking for the best sound, try Amarra in your system.


Our Price: $420.75
Retail Price: $495.00

Unlock additional performance enhancing additions with Amarra Symphony.  Amarra Symphony offers all the Amarra features, plus it brings Sonic Meters and two licenses for the ability to install on more than one computer.


Our Price: $245.65 
Retail Price: $289.00

Amarra Vinyl lets you record your albums directly into your Mac with no loss of quality. Then with a simple and intuitive interface, you can remove any clicks, crackles, or pops with Sonic Studio’s legendary restoration technology.

*Requires Mac OS X

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