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May 13th, 2013 0 Comments

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Constellation Preamplifierconstellation

Retail Price: $1,495

When music is the goal, the new Constellation tube preamplifier is a perfect choice. The Constellation uses the excellent 6SN7 tube running in Class-A triode mode that is coupled to a fully-regulated power and heater supply. The transformer is a custom R-core power device designed to our own specifications. The preamplifier was built using premium parts, and a simple signal path was designed with sonic purity in mind.

Hercules Power Amplifierhercules

Retail Price: $1,895

The Hercules power amplifier is an ultra linear tube amplifier using EL34 output tubes to produce 30 watts per channel. The Hercules uses a specially built power supply combined with custom output transformers to allow the amplifier to be heavily biased into Class-A while providing excellent bass and transient response. This attention to detail and the elegantly simple circuit design offers a musically accurate and satisfying amplifier offering truly high-end performance at real world pricing.

Nighthawk Headphone AmplifierFront_silver

Retail Price: $1,195

The Nighthawk solid-state headphone amplifier is an all-new design, featuring top quality parts mounted on a thick gauge fiberglass circuit board. A power transformer, rated at three times what is required for the amplifier’s design, feeds a fully regulated discrete power supply for the best sound quality. The Nighthawk has beautiful cosmetics and contains the latest technology and quality components to ensure that you enjoy your music, whether used as a stand-alone system in an office or as part of a serious main music system.

Lightning USB Digital to Analog Converternighthawk

Retail Price: $1,295

The Lightning DAC was designed to provide high-quality music reproduction from today’s digital sources. Whether from a computer, handheld music players, cable or satellite boxes, disc players, or streaming from cloud-based storage, digital data streams suffer from distortions caused by jitter (timing errors in processing the digital information) and the poor quality of built-in digital converters. An outboard digital to analog converter (DAC) is the solution to these problems.