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RMAF 2012 – Gon Gear – NoNOISE FX

At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, we had the pleasure of meeting James Anderson with Sonic Studio.  After listening to the Amarra, he demonstrated the NoNOISE II FX, Sonic Studio’s vinyl restoration technology, and wow, this got my blood pumping.  This product allows you to remove some of the extraneous non-audio garbage that’s been deposited either from poor recording or from years of use.  As the child of an audiophile, my mind went immediately to the scads of LPs hidden in boxes under the stairs – even a good cleaning couldn’t fix those issues!

Watch the demo:

From Sonic Studio’s NoNOISE II FX website:

FFT and Noise Estimates

  • Detailed investigation and analysis
  • User settable interpolation buckets
  • Auto Noise Estimates

Sonic Mastering EQ Global 4 Band minimal phase with 17 Filter Topologies

  • 64 bit double precision processing ensures the best sound
  • Acclaimed Sonic EQ – 4-band minimal phase
    • Global EQ for processing during export/DDP Output/playback

Restoration Tools

  • Manual DeClicking
    • A true digital audio lifesaver
    • Removes clicks, pops, crackle and distortions
  • Broadband DeNoising
    • Removes steady-state noise, like hiss

Full Process Undo

  • Declick interpoloations are shown in the soundBlade EDL with a red bar over the waveform
  • Restoration interpolation processing modifies the soundfile but a full log of the changes is maintained
  • The interpolation can be removed and original ‘click’ can be restored at anytime

Manual Declicking With Production Workstations

  • You can use soundBlade and Manual Declicking in conjunction with other workstations to remove clicks, pops, or distortions
  • Simply open the file into soundBlade, use Manual Declicking to correct the click(s), even while file is open on the other workstation
  • The corrections autoatically show up when playing back the file in the other workstation
  • This workflow will support most third-party production workstations such as Avid Pro Tools, Logic and others

Currently aimed primarily at audio professionals, this technology suite carries a MSRP of $495 and up, but Anderson divulged that they’re planning on releasing a NoNOISE product at the consumer level in the future.

So what do you think?  Let us know in the comments!

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