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February 1st, 2013 2 Comments

What’s the best room treatment for your buck?

Even the best equipment won’t sound good if your room isn’t treated, but many audio enthusiasts want to save most of their audio budget for components, not treatments.  So we’re wondering, what addition is the most cost effective in your opinion?  Vote in our poll to share your views.

What's the best room treatment for your buck?

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  • Mdunjic1

    My bookshelf with unevenly arranged books on it … cheap and perfect

  • tonehead

    LEDE with attention to first reflection points, masking tape marking speaker positions on the carpet, and tiny adjustments using a laser to pinpoint equal toe in.  A tape measure maintains positions from side and front walls.  There exists a myriad of adjustments to wring the utmost from a system, and that does not refer to spending long green on the newest equipment.  I am a tweak-er, not a millionaire.  Oh, keep your solder-less connections clean on a regular basis too…even if that only means to give them a gentle twist back and forth now and again, though a proper cleaning is best.
    As the writer below me points out, the unevenly arranged books on tall shelving is also a boon.  This I also employ on two walls.  As that poster says:  cheap and perfect.