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June 4th, 2013 0 Comments

DIY Coasters for Speaker Feet

Audiogon member, Invenio78, wanted to protect his hardwood floors from the spikes on his Martin Logan Vantage speakers with Mapleshade Threaded Brass Heaveyfeet.  So he came up with a cool Do-It-Yourself project and created his own coasters to put underneath his components.

Invenio78 said, “I don’t know if they really improve the sound, but they protect my hardwood floor, look nice, and give a nice sturdy stand for my speakers and components including some vibration dampening due to the thin rubber pads.”

Here’s what you’ll need:

Eight 2″x2″ marble samples
Gasket rubber sheets (or alternative flat rubber mat) 1/16″ thickness and at least one 6×6″ sheet
Crazy Glue (or alternative that will bond rubber to stone)



He originally went to Home Depot looking for wooden blocks, but later stumbled upon the flooring department and found the 2″x2″ marble sample squares.

He said, “They were nicely cut, polished, and had rounded corners. I immediately grabbed eight of them and took back my wooden blocks. They looked really nice, and best of all, they were free! I felt a little bad about taking eight free samples, but they charged me $5 for two 6″x6″ inch pieces of rubber padding so I’m sure they still made a profit. Overall my only cost was for the rubber sheets.”

Here’s a Step-By-Step Guide:

1. Measure the base of the marble stones. (Inverio78 recommends leaving a border of 1/8″ between the edge of the rubber sheets and marble. In other words, with his 2×2″ stones, he marked out the rubber sheets in 1 3/4″x1 3/4″ squares.)

2. With a good pair of scissors, cut gently and slowly along the lines. Once your all done, you should have your eight squares.


3. Apply a small amount of glue to the rubber sheets, and stick them on the bottom of the marble tiles.


4. Apply pressure on the rubber and marble for about 30 seconds until well bonded, though your speaker will put constant pressure on these so they won’t slip.

5. And now you’re all done!


Here are some pictures of the finished products under Invenio78’s equipment…



Thanks again, Invenio78, for posting this creative DIY in our Forum to share with the community.  Have you come up with a DIY tweak or accessory?  Email us at so we can post it on The Hub!

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