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September 30th, 2013 0 Comments

Audiogon Lends a Hand to Habitat for Humanity

We had the opportunity to become Helping Hands by joining up with Habitat for Humanity last week. “Framing and wrapping houses was a lot of fun! Hard work, but fun,” said Shannon Moore, Operations Manager.

Audiogon COO Lindsey Schulz explains why philanthropy is so important to the company’s mission, “After moving our corporate headquarters to Greenville, SC we wanted a way to give back to the community that welcomed us so warmly.  Working with Habitat for Humanity was very rewarding. The Audiogon team was great, everyone pitched in and made a difference.”

The Audiogon Team

Tony and Lindsey head to their next task.
Tonya Hendricks perched up in the eaves during the house wrapping.
Usually keeping the site running smoothly, Justin kept the framing going at a quick pace.

Schulz continues, “The Audiogon team members are very giving in their personal lives, and it carries over to the work environment.  Whether it’s making lunch for everyone or campaigning for a Member’s benefit, I’m proud to have employees with strong character.  They’ve already started picking new volunteer opportunities!”

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