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August 3rd, 2012 0 Comments

Welcome to The Hub. We’re glad you’re here! Our goal was to create a social gathering spot for Audiogon’s members.  Join our community now.  If it is your first time here and you are new to audio, get to know the industry.  For our long time members who have made Audiogon what it is today, thank you.  The Audiogon marketplace is home to over 350,000 members worldwide looking to share their passion of audio and music.

The Hub originated by member feedback and what you wanted for the Audiogon Community.  Suggestions are welcome.  Email us at thehub@audiogon.com.

Read our Getting Started page for more details.

Getting Started is Simple:

  • Connect with other Audiophiles through Audio Clubs and Chat Rooms
  • Post your Featured Member profile or Member Review
  • Read Music posts
  • Check out Staff Pics and Cool Videos
  • Take our latest Opinion Poll
  • Keep up with Agon news and updates
  • Find upcoming Events and Event Coverage
  • Get information on cool products and Featured Gear
  • Respond with your views on Hot Topics
  • See how other audiophiles are lending their Helping Hands
  • View past and current issues of our Newsletter
  • Look up a term in the Audio Glossary
  • Ask The Experts, get answers from other members or sign up to be an expert
  • Learn a new method in How To’s
  • Engage with us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Share your knowledge with others


Simply select from our Navigation bar where you want to go, or click on what you want to read more about on the homepage.

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